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What can I expect

Your first visit with the Bowen Therapist

Candles2Your initial consultation will take 60-80 minutes and the therapists will take a detailed case history that provides them with useful information regarding your general well being and the reason for the visit. By using observation and palpation, as well precise and gentle soft tissue manipulation to assess muscles, ligaments or tendons to enhance blood and lymph circulation. The therapist will then explain their findings, and if the patient is satisfied, continues with a treatment of 20-30 minutes. (There is rarely a need for the client to disrobe)

How many treatments will I need?

Any session after the initial treatment will take between 30-60 minutes and any subsequent treatments. For most conditions Bowen Therapy generally requires only 3 to 4 sessions spaced a week apart, whilst others may need 6 to 8 sessions or more. In acute situations your sessions may be daily, or as the situation requires. If your health issue is more a chronic condictiones, you may require regular long-term treatments, usually spaced up to a week or more apart. If you require general maintenance, depending on your lifestyle, you may need monthly visits. If your Bowen Therapist feels treatment is unlikely to be of benefit, they will refer you to a relevant practitioner.

What should I wear?

It’s best to wear loose and light clothing such as cotton or lycra so you don’t have to remove any clothing. If you wear denim, leather or tight skirts you may have to remove those and you could bring a change, such as shorts and t-shirts to the treatment session.

Are there any special requirements?

Not really, besides wearing loose comfortable clothing and drinking plenty of clean water prior to the treatment.

What to do after the Treatment?

A 20-30 minutes gentle walk after the treatment enhances hydration. Avoid having hot showers or baths and rigorous activity, even if you are feeling the best you have felt for a long time. Drink regular small amounts of clean water to flush out the toxins that have been released throughout the treatment.

Will I feel any relief after the treatment?

Some clients have less pain and the condition improves within a few days and some have an immediate improvement. It really depends on your body’s healing process and long-term conditions. As for some, they need a number of treatments until they feel a slight change. As a general rule; after receiving 3 treatments and you have not felt a change within at all, the Bowen treatment may not be for you and we would refer you own to a more suitable practitioner.

Will I have any reactions?

Feelings of improved energy, better mechanics and reduced pain are common after the Bowen treatment. However, if you are dehydrated with ‘gluing’ patterns in the soft tissues (fascia) it is not uncommon for after treatment reactions and for the body to process the symptoms and it may react with tiredness, shifting musculo-skeletal discomfort, headaches, tiredness, urination or general discomfort which can last up to 24-36 hours.

Through treating the cause not the symptoms Bowen Therapy has consistently shown it can have a profound and permanent healing and pain relief outcomes.

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