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Hormone  Release with Bowen Technique

MotherThis is a procedure for re-balancing the  reproductive system, using Bowen Therapy. This technique can be used for  addressing many hormonal symptoms of the reproductive and neurological system,  for both women and men.

Those include:
  • Enlarged  Prostate
  • Fertility
  • Loss of  libido
  • Menopause
  • Menstrual  pain
  • New born  babys
  • Pregnancy
  • Vaginal  dryness
Many parents looking  for a safe, natural way with preconception, pregancy, labour, delievery and  postpartum pain relief as well as restoring vitality after childbirth,  stimulating lactation and re-aligning newborns.

Pregancy with Bowen Technqiue Bowen therapycan be used safely  throughout pregnacny, to relieve many discomforts, such as back pain, as the  center of gravity is changing and causes problems to the back, pelvic and  spine. Other complaints are morning sickness, emotional fluctuations, neck  tension, sciatica, aching legs, fatigue, headaches, heartburn, decreased  energy. Most of those complaints appear more frequently, as the unborn baby  gets heavier, and the musckelskeletol system is out of balance and leads to  strains.

Mum and babies relax and harmonises well together and the treatment helps to encourage the head down position for the baby to ensure a smoother birth. The bowen treatment can be performed in its  most comfortable ways, either by sitting, lying on the side or on the tummy  with a pregancy shaped bean bag. This holistic treatment is built on what  the body knows best already and is very beneficiall right through to labour. Nuture yourself and give your body the kind  of care it deserves, especially when you are supporting another life in  addition to your own. You and your baby will both benefit from the extra  attention.
Labour and Birth             Stimmualtion of specific moves is also widley used for inducing labour of full time pregancies as it triggers contractions and allowing the womb to relax and stimulate the birth canal for a  smooth birthing process. Further moves can be done to to assist the expulsion of the planceta, straight after birth and most women are left with  pelivc and lower back pain.  Moves can be performed to those needs to readjust and rebalance.
Newborn and the child Birth is a very stressfull process and most  babies can benefit well from the gentle bowen techniques to help treat colics, refluxes, feeding dificulties, unsettled behaviour and pain from traumatised  birthing. As a drug–free alternative for reducing pain or balancing the body, Bowen is very suitable to treat children of any ages with an amazing relaxation effect.

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