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Thank you for the help you gave my grandchild Madison to find the reason for her asthma attacks by sending her hair sample to be tested for allergies. She had allergies to a lot
of foods, plus household sprays and detergents. Once removed from the sources she began to improve and when given the ok after a second test was allowed to go onto the foods gradually and we are pleased to say her health is really good.

Also thank you for the treatment for my back problems, which has helped me immensely, and also for the care you show after treatment.

With love and appreciation.

Alicia Bell, Greenbank

"My three year old daughter Madison was sick for well over 12 months with constant  colds, asthma, and flu's.  We had sought professional help on many occasions and she was  also under specialists, but she never seemed to improve.  I sought advice from Heidi who had been helping my mum also and  Heidi suggested we do a hair test to see if anything showed up in Madison's health and we could not believe it when the results came back with Madison being allergic to near on 50 different foods and substances (household ones). After changing her diet and using different products Madison was a new child it was amazing.  A few years on, Madison is still doing very well and is now back on most of the products she once could not have.  I cannot thank Heidi and the team enough we are so very grateful."

Carole and Bill Erwin

It was my good fortune some years ago to find my wonderful Bowen therapist Heidi. I had been suffering from a partial frozen shoulder and had extreme muscle soreness in many parts of my body. This was impeding  my lifestyle eg walking tennis gardening became a chore. Once again all these pursuits have become a pleasure  My husband Bill is also a client and has had extremely good results.  We are both grateful to Heidi for her knowledge life skills and care enabling us to enjoy our lives to the fullest. We would recommend Heidi to anyone who wants to enjoy a better healthier lifestyle free from the restrictions of painful joints and muscles. We cannot imagine our lives without our Heidi and her wonderful treatments.


Marian Capalaba Qld

My name is Marian and I would like to share my extraordinary health journey after commencing treatment with Heidi  Bowen Therapist located at Manly. Being a 'workaholic' and a serious 'stressaholic', it was no surprise to anyone that my health started to suffer as a consequence. My work profession is extremely busy and this coupled with an active family life, four teenage children and a family business to run, time for myself was limited to say the least. This obviously did not help when it came to alleviating my stress levels or tending to my various ailments that I had acquired during my time on this earth. Indeed, for most of my life, I had suffered from back, hip, shoulder and neck pain which appeared to be accentuated by sitting at my computer work station on a daily basis. In response to my pain, I had tried various treatments including chiropractic, massage, acupuncture as well as various home treatments such as tens machine but all of these treatments only seemed to provide short term relief.

Fortunately for me, I was given Heidi's number from a work colleague who had been seeing her for health related issues. As soon as I attended my first session, I knew that Bowen therapy with Heidi was going to be very different to my past experiences. After a lengthy consultation process to ascertain my immediate health concerns such as trouble sleeping, Heidi proceeded to apply her Bowen knowledge. After the session, I felt fantastic and I could not remember a time that I had slept so well! After several more sessions, Heidi felt that I did not need any more treatments but thought that a maintenance program would be useful but left the time frames entirely up to me. This reassured me that Heidi was not just trying to encourage me to come for more treatments in order to secure ongoing money which appeared to be the case with some practitioners in the past.

I think what really made the entire experience different for me, was that Heidi is extremely knowledgeable in regards to many health ailments and always tends to use the simple and least costly course of action. I love this 'no frill' approach especially as my funds can sometimes be limited with four teenage children to look after. Heidi was always willing to share her knowledge at any time and would still give advice outside of her appointment times (which I might say were considerably longer than any other practitioner I had been to in the past!).  Subsequently, my whole family started to see Heidi at her home practice and she helped to relieve problems such as sore backs, shoulder injuries, ankle problems, knee problems, bad sinus and the list goes on. Having an active husband and children that play a lot of sports, Heidi has been a true Godsend!

I now know that my health is back on track and I feel in control of my body once. My stress levels have decreased enormously assisted by specially filtered water and products recommended through Heidi's practice. I cannot give a high enough recommendation for Heidi and her Bowen therapy and would be more than happy to personally speak with anyone who would like further information in relation to this treatment.


Amanda R. Brisbane Qld

I have tried many different treatments over the years for my neck & shoulder pain (from Chinese Massage to Physiotherapists). Nothing compares to Heidi! Heidi has a very special and caring touch that many a time has sorted out my pain and \"imbalances\". I always leave a session pain-free, revitalised and with an enormous sense of wellbeing.  Bowen and Dorn Therapy seems to work on many levels (physically and psychologically).........go on, give it a go, I am sure you will not be disappointed.   Thanks again Heidi.

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